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102 Not Out
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Watch 102 Not Out (2018) Full Movie Online, Free Download 102 Not Out (2018) Full Movie, 102 Not Out (2018) Full Movie Download in HD Mp4 Mobile Movie. A 102-year-old man tries to break the record for the oldest person in the world. Dattatraya (Amitabh Bachchan) is a lively 102 year old who lives his life to the maximum. Although he is 102 year old, his heart is that of a 26-year lad. He enjoys life and takes everything in a jovial way. Babu (Rishi Kapoor), his son, is exactly opposite. He believes that he is now too old to enjoy life and lives a routined life. Dattatraya wants to break the record of the oldest living person on earth, which is held currently by a Chinese man. He has to live 16 more years to do so. But in order to maintain his health to live that long, he has to stay away from negative minded people. Therefore, he decides to send his son to an old age home unless Babu fulfills certain conditions of his father. The movie revolves on the conditions given to Babu, which he hesitates to fulfill initially but fulfills them due to the fear of going to the old age home. The conditions imposed on Babu changes his way of looking at life. The first condition is that Babu has to write a love letter to his deceased wife, Chandrika. After a lot of thinking, he submits the letter to his father, who laughs and enjoys reading the letter. In the next condition, Babu has to accuse his doctor of being a thief to break the connection between him and his doctor so he stops going to the doctor’s clinic everyday for checkup. Babu accepts the condition to stop going to the doctor’s clinic every day without calling him a thief. After completing few conditions, Babu starts seeing life in a jovial way, just like his father. One condition that totally changes Babu’s life was a visit to St. Sebastian’s church, where Babu & his estranged son Amol came for prayers. His last condition is to kick Amol out of the house, although Babu initially disagrees and the final condition proves to be difficult. Dattaraya tells Babu to blow a whistle when he dies, to celebrate his outstanding feat, 102 years. At last, 102 not out becomes 102 out & Babu whistles. Babu listens to a message that Dattaraya recorded 2 days before death. In that Dattaraya says that he is sitting in a cloud, with the Chinese man beside him. He is telling the man that the record will be broken by a man from his family, his son after another 43 years.

An unusual love-hate relationship between a 75-year-old son and his 102-year-old father, who wants to break the oldest-man-alive record.

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102 Not Out [Watch & Download]
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