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Watch (2017) HDRip Tamil Full Movie Online Free

Directed by: P.S. Vijayakumar
Starring by: Sumita Hazarika, Nakhul, Rajendran
Genres: Action
Country: India
Language: Tamil

What happens if your life gets interchanged with that of someone whom you hate? You get several fortunes that the other person enjoys, but at the same time, lose some valuable things you have always been admiring. Brahma.Com narrates the story of brothers Kameswaran (Nakul) and Rameswaran (Siddharth) who are poles apart. Both of them work for the same company, though the former works under the latter. Kamu dreams of a life with Manisha (Ashna Zaveri), but unexpected circumstances make her move close with Ramu. A peeved Kamu approaches Lord Brahma and pleads with him to make his life free of woes.

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